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Independence County Public Education Foundation

Independence County Public Education Foundation The purpose of the foundation is to enhance the quality of the education in Independence County by providing administrative oversight of the IMPACT Educational Excellence plan and procuring necessary resources for worthwhile programs to support full implementation. Recognizing and rewarding the achievements of students, faculty, staff, parents, and others is essential to successful implementation of the IMPACT Educational Excellence plan.
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Sandy Starnes, Citizens Bank - Board President
Michele Wood, White River Health System - Board Vice President
Carrie Price, First Community Bank - Board Secretary/Treasurer
Wiley Osborn, Intimidator Group
Liz Spahn, FutureFuel Chemical Company
Kathy Lanier, Vital Link EMS
Jamie Rayford, Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Melissa Taverner, Lyon College (Ex-Officio)
Dr. Brian Shonk, UACCB (Ex-Officio)
Dr. Mike Hester, Batesville School District (Ex-Officio)
Ms. Tracey Owens, Cedar Ridge School District (Ex-Officio)
Vacant, Midland School District (Ex-Officio)
Mr. Dion Stevens, Southside School District (Ex-Officio)

Voting Board Members serve three year terms and must not be employed by any school district. Board Members are appointed annually in July. Kathy Lanier serves as the chair of the nominating committee which is tasked with receiving nominations and interviewing interested candidates. If you or someone you know is interested in serving, please contact Kathy at 

  • Exploring and removing barriers for all families to access affordable early childhood education

  • Arkansas Scholars Recognition for Independence County graduates

  • Be a Teacher county-wide highly qualified educator recruitment

  • Unmet basic needs of families that may keep a child from developing their talents and reaching their full potential

  • Capacity building for IMPACT Educational Excellence strategic opportunities


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