We work together to imagine our community at its best, build on traditions and leverage our assets, and identify strategic opportunities that align with our community's vision, characterized by intentional and sustainable economic prosperity, educational preparation that cultivates talent, the healthiest minds and bodies, and places that inspire people and promote happiness.

Our IMPACT Foundation and its 501(c)(3) designation serve as a powerful vehicle to attract investment and multiply the effect of those investments for maximum economic impact. 

Helping people realize they have more in common than they'd ever guess. We also connect people with a unique perspective of partnership potential and improve communication and understanding among organizations. 

Our community is built on human interaction—any topic, any place, any time. We seek involvement in IMPACT work from community members.

We don't just hope for better times—we create them. We build implementation teams, start conversations, map actionable steps forward, and create a feedback loop that allows us to monitor and adjust in real time.

Get Involved
IMPACT Steering Committee
Micah Beard, Economic Prosperity Hub Co-Chair
Landon Downing, Placemaking Hub Co-Chair
Amy Finster, Healthy Living and Well-being Hub Chair
David Hutchison, Lyon College
Crystal Johnson, Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce
Kathy Lanier, Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce Board Chair
Robb Roberts, Economic Prosperity Hub Co-Chair
Dr. Brian Shonk, UACCB
Sandy Starnes, Educational Excellence Hub Chair