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Building a Better Batesville Recreation Expansion

Building a Better Batesville Recreation Expansion In August 2023, Batesville voters elected to improve recreation and water infrastructure through a special election. The Building a Better Batesville campaign has emphasized the importance of improving the quality of life in our community to attract and keep talented individuals, which is crucial for economic competitiveness.
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During the remainder of 2023, we will continue to refine plans for a signature Riverside Park and Downtown Plaza, aiming to benefit all residents. The initial master plan focuses on enhancing parks and recreation facilities to offer more social and recreational options, with an emphasis on the historical ecological significance of the White River. Input from community stakeholders and subject matter experts will ensure that recreation areas and facilities are tailored to meet the needs of users, offering upgraded amenities like playgrounds, sports courts, trails, picnic areas, and natural habitats. 

Our Approach

We have several exciting projects in the pipeline and need a variety of perspectives aimed at enhancing our quality of life, fostering inclusivity, and promoting recreation and culture. We are thrilled to invite community stakeholders and subject matter experts to be part of a transformative journey in our community's development. There are currently two different ways to engage:

Community Presentation & Feedback Form

Watch the Community Presentation and complete this feedback form to share your input by October 9, 2023. 

Advisory Teams Applications

To make these projects a success, we are assembling multiple Advisory Teams. Apply to serve on an Advisory Team by October 9, 2023. Team members will be notified of appointment by October 13, 2023. The Advisory process will begin the week of October 23 and conclude when teams have thoroughly reviewed all community feedback, worked through the process, and defined a final scope for their project(s). 

Advisory Teams

Features such as walking trails, bridges, pavilions, and recreational amenities to promote active living. Apply to Serve >

This facility will be a hub for entertainment and economic growth, hosting concerts, sporting events, conventions, and more. Apply to Serve >

A space designed to ignite the imagination and curiosity of our youngest residents, connecting them with the natural world. Apply to Serve >

A vibrant area for businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs that creates a sense of community. Apply to Serve >

Multi-purpose courts for basketball, tennis, and other sports, promoting physical activity and friendly competition. Apply to Serve >

A water-based attraction that provides a refreshing escape during the warmer months. Apply to Serve >

An accessible playground designed to accommodate children of all abilities, ensuring everyone can join in the fun. Apply to Serve >

A facility for skateboarders and cyclists to practice their skills safely and an adjacent adrenaline-pumping destination with courses for other outdoor adventures. Apply to Serve >

A dynamic public space that celebrates community culture and provides a gathering place for residents and visitors. Apply to Serve >

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