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ACT Work Ready Initiative Hits Snags

| | April 02, 2020

In Independence County, we (many employers under the guidance of UACCB and the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce) have embarked on a journey to become an ACT Work Ready Community but have experienced only a fraction of the success we are capable of because of identified barriers.

On behalf of a group of many employers and their HR teams, we have asked questions of several state employees and deployed the help of other communities, some of which are and some of which are not experiencing our same problems because of more cooperation for the program in their area at this time. The barriers that our employers have expressed concern over in the Spring of 2019 have still not been resolved so last month, our leadership team determined the best course of action was to reach out to Arkansas Department of Workforce Services and request assistance.
This flow chart gives a very brief and visual detail of the problems that we are experiencing, particularly with a cumbersome pre-testing and testing process as well as access to pre-testing. Our intention is to seek greater advisement as to an acceptable solution for moving our county forward. The red “X’s” represent areas where there is major challenge.

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